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The University Library at UiT The Arctic University of Norway is a public academic and research library. The library was established in 1972 as part of the newly formed UiT.

With ten campus libraries in Tromsø, Hammerfest, Alta, Harstad, and Narvik, the main task of the University Library is to support research, teaching and dissemination at UiT. Our primary users are students and employees at UiT, but everyone can borrow from the library collections. The University Library is also a library for University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) employees.

Over the years, UiT has been subject to several mergers. The Museum of Tromsø’s book collections were incorporated into the University Library in 1978. UiT merged with Tromsø University College in 2009 and Finnmark University College in 2013. The libraries at these educational institutions were incorporated into the University Library. In 2013, the Resource Centre for teaching, learning, and technology (Result) at UiT became part of the University Library. In 2015, UiT merged with the University Colleges in Harstad and Narvik and the academic libraries at these educational institutions also became part of the University Library the following year. Several campus libraries have also been merged due to the relocation of academic communities to the Breivika campus in Tromsø over the years.

Since 2021 High North Academy and the UiT Writing Centre have been placed at the University Library.

Last changed : 11.03.2024
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