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Logo High North AcademyHigh North Academy (HNA) is funded by UiT – The Arctic University of Norway and organizes intensive PhD courses in transferable skills. Participants are asked to use their own research data and results during the courses, hence HNA courses should not be viewed upon as extra work, but rather as an opportunity to get you started on and help you complete your PhD, as well as prepare for life beyond. The obtained skills are transferable and applicable to many aspects of life and give your CV a boost!

The courses are taught at UiT’s Campus in Tromsø and designed for PhD candidates from all faculties at UiT, regardless of scientific background. PhDs outside UiT, Postdocs and others may participate if there are available spaces.

Some courses are handy early on in your PhD, whereas others are more useful towards the end. Here is a suggestion of when you should participate in which course:

First or second year:

Second or third year:

Third or fourth year:

Ph.d. candidates who want to gain ECTS credits for our HNA courses need to take the exam and register through Studentweb (PhDs at UiT) or apply in Søknadsweb (PhDs outside UiT). See registration/application deadlines in the UiT course catalogue

A new course in our portfolio on data management: Data stewardship

We also recommend PhD candidates to check further interdisciplinary courses organized by research schools at BFE: 


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Fact box

  • Courses for PhD candidates at UiT The Arctic University of Norway
  • Focus on transferable skills with relevance for the PhD project and work life beyond
  • Interdisciplinary courses with relevance for PhD candidates from all faculties
  • Credit-awarding for use in the mandatory PhD training component
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