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The data we collect or generate is highly valuable, both to us and to other researchers. Good routines for handling and archiving research data allow researchers to more easily benefit from and build on the work of others. As a result, you can help to promote more research, knowledge growth, and innovation.

UiT's research data portal provide students and employees information on storing, handling, archiving, making available, and sharing research data. You will find information about all stages of the research data life cycle here. 

If you have any questions or queries, please contact UiT's research data support group at

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  • New datasets in UiT ORD
  • TURBAN – Observational datasets for studies of urban air quality hazard scenarios in Bergen, Norway. Read more
  • Replication data for : Metasurface supporting quasi-BIC for optical trapping and Raman-spectroscopy of biological nanoparticles. Read more
  • Replication Data for: Spawning time in adult polar cod (Boreogadus saida) altered by crude oil exposure, independent of food availability. Read more
  • Replication data for: Contrasting Neogene–Quaternary continental margin evolution offshore mid-north Norway: Implications for source-to-sink systems. Read more
  • Dataset for the article Climate Performance, Environmental Toxins and Nutrient Density of the Underutilized Norwegian Orange-Footed Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa). Read more
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