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The data we collect or generate is highly valuable, both to us and to other researchers. Good routines for handling and archiving research data allow researchers to more easily benefit from and build on the work of others. As a result, you can help to promote more research, knowledge growth, and innovation.

UiT's research data portal provide students and employees information on storing, handling, archiving, making available, and sharing research data. You will find information about all stages of the research data life cycle here. 

If you have any questions or queries, please contact UiT's research data support group at

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  • New datasets in UiT ORD
  • Data of the i-MASTER project: A novel initiative in maritime education and training experience. Read more
  • Background data for: Stable organization of the early lexical-semantic network in 18- and 24-month-old preterm and full-term infants: an eye-tracker study. Read more
  • Replication Data for: Elevated methane alters dissolved organic matter composition in the Arctic Ocean cold seeps. Read more
  • Replication data for "Stress constraints from shear-wave analysis in shallow sediments at an actively seeping pockmark on the W-Svalbard Margin". Read more
  • Images from a TCM at Vestnesa Ridge (CAGE888 and CAGE895) during the CAGE15-2 cruise. Read more
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