GEN-8007 How to communicate your research (3 ECTS)

GEN-8007 How to communicate your research (3 ECTS)

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Communicating science to a variety of audiences is an important skill that all researchers have to learn at some point of their carrier. Whether you want to tweet about your current research project, create a podcast, give a talk to peers at a scientific conference, give an interview for the media or explaining your research to a school class, science communication is part and can be a rewarding task of a researcher’s everyday life. 

You will learn more about the importance of communication in this course and how you can communicate your science successfully. You will gain an overview of the different communication channels that can be used for science communication and understand how to use them for your own communication needs through practical exercises. This course will help you to become more confident in the role as communicator and we hope that it inspires you to become an active science communicator.  


Prepare to answer three questions related to science communication based on your own research projects. More information can be found on Canvas. 

Course schedule for 2023 

The course will be in week 9: 27.02. - 03.03.2023 

This will be an intensive 5 day course; which consists of lectures, seminars and groups work during the following week.  We will spend the last day of the course at the UiT museum (03.03.2023).


Written home exam at the end of the course (more information will follow). 

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