Course in deterring student plagiarism

Course in deterring student plagiarism

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The purpose of the course is to encourage more focus on educational methods to guide students away from plagiarism. Academic writing and referencing techniques, increased attention to learning processes, and the design of assignments and exams are all examples of important areas in this connection.

Student plagiarism can not be eradicated by one teacher alone, or by sending students to an introductory course in information literacy at the library. It is significant that an institution like The university of Tromsø takes a wholistic approach to this issue, working on plagiarism from both administrative and pedagogical viewpoints. This involves informing and teaching students abour academic writing, produce regulations and procedures that deal with the matter in an appropriate manner, and make sure teachers have the necessary resources and knowledge to contribute in the prevention of plagiarism.

The course consists of six parts. You can work through all the parts in the listed order, or you can do them in the order you personally prefer. Each part contains a text, topics for further discussion and sometimes also a video. there are also control questions at the end of each part.

You can take the course on your own, or work together with your colleagues. We believe that many of the issues presented are well suited for discussions since most teachers have som kind of experience with student plagiarism, and that the learning outcome from the course will be even more enhanced by listening to the ideas and opinions of your peers.

NOTE: The English version of this course is currently being revised. Follow the link to go to the Norwegian Kurs i forebygging av plagiat.

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