Data Stewardship

Data Stewardship

5 people working with data graphs and notes in backgrount

Learn how to handle your research data! How do you best plan for the activities of collecting, storing, processing, analyzing and archiving your data? How do you best structure your data to keep track of all data and all versions of your data? How do you find existing data to add onto your own data?

This course is new in the High North Academy portfolio and was developed by the DocEnhance project (more information here). The course will walk you through all the steps of research data management, from finding relevant data to publishing your own dataset. The course content is tailored to the needs of PhD candidates and combines practical exercises with theoretical contents. It offers phd candidates the opportunity to develop skills that are sought-after within both the academic and private sector.

Course schedule

Module 1: video lectures

Start the course at your convenience by entering the online module with video lectures and additional resources. Once you have completed the course, you may proceed to the Exam section, where you can undertake a multiple choice test.

Digital kick-off meeting: 12.02.2024
Deadline for submission of exam: 08.03.2024
Estimated work load: 16 hours

Having finished Module 1 and passed the exam, you are entitled to move on to Module 2 and 3. These modules are organized as workshops, and will give you hands-on training in research data stewardship.

Module 2: workshop

Digital kick-off meeting: 11.03.2024
In-person workshop (Breivika): week 15, 2024
Estimated workload: 5 full days (including pre-assignments)

Module 3: internship

Internship in local companies at the end of May or beginning of June (the timing of the internship will be arranged together with the company). Once you have completed the internship, you have to write a short report about it and submit it to the course instructors and the company.

Estimated workload: Maximum 3 days


This course is offered outside of the UiT course catalogue, which means that the course registration and administration will be done by High North Academy.

Deadline for registration: 07.02.2024
Link to registration form

Minimum 10 participants/ maximum 30 participants.

The workload of this course corresponds to 3 ECTS and you can apply to get it accepted for your PhD educational part.

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