The University Library – Science and Health Library

Virtual Reality (VR) Norsk flagg

You can experience and test VR technology in a dedicated VR room in the Science and Health library.

VR technology is constantly evolving and can be used in many different fields.
VR provides unique opportunities for visual and tactile interaction in order to learn, practice and study.
Do you want to see how a cell is structured? Or how to perform knee surgery?
VR can also be used in training and rehabilitation or to provide a break from everyday life and use our senses in different ways.

Some of the programs offered in the VR room:

  • 3D Organon VR Anatomy
  • ShareCare VR
  • Total Knee Replacement
  • VR CPR
  • Medical Holodeck
  • VR Health Care (head and neck)
  • VR Health Care (shoulder)
  • Vision Therapy
  • The Body VR : Journey Inside a Cell
  • The Physiology of the Eye
  • Experience: Colorblindness

Book the VR room using the website for room booking. The room is located in the Medisin og helsefagbygget 1 building and is called Virtuell virkelighetsrom (B6.003).

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