Mbachi Ruth Msomphora Senior Lecturer


Associate professor & Head of Internationalisation at the Department of Health and Care Sciences

Job description

The Head of Internationalisation at the Department of Health and Care Sciences is responsible for the international work at all study sites/affiliations of the Department, and reports to the Department's top management, who includes the Head of the Department and Head of Administration.

As an Associate Professor, my professional duties among others include both research and teaching work, especially in international and global health, but also supervision of students in the field of health and care-related subjects in general. Evidence-based practice and Public health in general, are also among the field of interest.

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  • Msomphora, Mbachi Ruth; Larsen, Anette Iren Langås. Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Strategies: The Possible Side Effects of Their Good Intentions. Global Journal of Health Science 2021; Volum 13 (12). ISSN 1916-9736.
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  • Msomphora, Mbachi Ruth; Larsen, Anette iren langås. Samarbeid mellom Fakultets- og bibliotekmedlemmer: Er veien videre i medisinsk forskning. Dette er SMH-bloggen-artikkel som oppsummerer funn av artikkelen, som er publisert i:. Global Journal of Health Science 2022.s doi: 10.5539/gjhs.v13n12p1.
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  • Msomphora, Mbachi Ruth. Active Learning for Library Academic Skills Education. Digital avslutningskonferanse for årets pedagogikk basiskompetansekurs-2022 2022-04-21 - 2022-04-21 2022.
  • Msomphora, Mbachi Ruth. Introduksjon til EBM - Kunnskapsbasert praktisk i odontologi/tannpleie. UB for IKO 2021-01-19 - 2021-01-19 2021.
  • Msomphora, Mbachi Ruth. Systematic Search & Health Sciences: Open Access with EBP Approach. Accepted paper abstract for EAHIL Conference presentation November 2020 2020-11-16 - 2020-11-18 2020.
  • Msomphora, Mbachi Ruth. Library skills: Systematic Access to Evidence & scientific writing. Workshop for Spesialistkandidat i kjeveortopedi – høst, IKO/TkNN 2019-09-17 - 2019-09-17 2019.
  • Msomphora, Mbachi Ruth; Brattland, Camilla; Jentoft, Svein. Fisheries and aquaculture management: Experiences from small scale fisheries in Norway. MARE 2019 People & the Sea X: learning from the past, imagining the future 2019-06-24 - 2019-06-28 2019.
  • Msomphora, Mbachi Ruth. Interactive governance of small-scale fisheries and aquaculture: Transdisciplinary challenges of community involvement. In: Book of Abstracts: Transdisciplinarity & Transformation for the future of small-scale fisheries. WSFC 3rd Word Small-Scale Fisheries Congress 2018-10-22 - 2018-10-26 2018.
  • Msomphora, Mbachi Ruth. Evidence-Based Practice & Research-Methods: Accessing & Assessing Evidence. 6th ECIL: European Conference on Information Literacy 2018-09-24 - 2018-09-27 2018.
  • Msomphora, Mbachi Ruth. Stakeholder Involvement in fisheries management: Through interactive governance perspective. MARE Conference 2017 2017-07-05 - 2017-07-07 2017.
  • Msomphora, Mbachi Ruth. Kystsamfunns involvering: Utfordringer og begrensninger for interaktiv styring i fiskeri og havbruk. Kvenene ut av skapet – nye vindar i kvensk forsking, revitalisering og etnopolitikk 2017-12-04 - 2017-12-05 2017.
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  • Msomphora, Mbachi Ruth. Eutrophication of the East African Great Lakes. 2004 ISBN 82-91086-36-2.s 279 - 289.
  • Msomphora, Mbachi Ruth. Effect of ethanol distillery effluent on the water quality of the receiving waters of Lake Malawi during the rainy season. 2000.
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