autumn 2021
JUR-8002 Philosophy of Science in Law - 6 ECTS

Type of course

Students must be admitted to the PhD programme in Law.

Course overlap

If you pass the examination in this course, you will get an reduction in credits (as stated below), if you previously have passed the following courses:

JUR-8002 Legal theory and legal philosophy 4 stp

Course content

The course covers relevant and general scientific and legal science topics and issues.

Recommended prerequisites

JUR-8001 Examination of the Role and Ethics of the Law, JUR-8008 Examination of the Role and Ethics of the Law. Introduction to the Scandinavian model.

Objectives of the course

Upon completion of the course the student should have an understanding of basic scientific concepts and traditions, of legal science as a scientific subject and tradition, and of various legal science traditions. The individual student should be capable of formulating research questions of relevance to the individual doctoral project with the aid of the academic content. The course should also help train the student to participate in academic discussions, nationally and internationally.

Language of instruction and examination

The language of instruction varies between Norwegian and English depending on the participants.

Teaching methods

The teaching consists of discussions in seminar form over a two-day period.

Attendance and active participation in the teaching are compulsory. The term active participation means that the students attempt to link the various themes raised to their own projects and explain this.

In addition, it is expected that all the students present articles for discussion during the seminar teaching, in line with the guidelines for the reading seminar.

Final exam

The course is closed and the last opportunity to take the exam after this semester is autumn 2021

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The course has no formal examination. This must be viewed in the context of the students, after having completed all courses in the programme, submitting one or more pieces of work that will be assessed for a PhD degree in legal science by an assessment committee appointed by the faculty.


Coursework requirements:

Attending and actively participating in the lectures/seminars are compulsory for students. Active participation means that all students must try to link the various subjects discussed to their own projects, and give an account of this.

Each student is also expected to present articles for discussion in the seminars in line with the guidelines for reading seminars.

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  • Campus: Tromsø |
  • ECTS: 6
  • Course code: JUR-8002
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