Bilde av Heiland, Ines
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Bilde av Heiland, Ines
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Ines Heiland

Professor for Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics

Job description

Prof. for Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics

  • Roland Sauter, Suraj Sharma, Ines Heiland :
    Accounting for NAD Concentrations in Genome-Scale Metabolic Models Captures Important Metabolic Alterations in NAD-Depleted Systems
    Biomolecules 2024 DOI
  • Suraj Sharma, Yin-Chen Hsieh, Jørn Dietze, Mathias Bockwoldt, Øyvind Strømland, Mathias Ziegler et al.:
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  • Mathias Ziegler, Magnus Monnè, Andrey Nikiforov, Gennaro Agrimi, Ines Heiland, Ferdinando Palmieri :
    Welcome to the Family: Identification of the NAD+ Transporter of Animal Mitochondria as Member of the Solute Carrier Family SLC25
    Biomolecules 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Jørn Dietze, Alienke van Pijkeren, Anna-Sophia Egger, Mathias Ziegler, Marcel Kwiatkowski, Ines Heiland :
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  • Soumya R. Mohapatra, Ahmed Sadik, Lars-Oliver Tykocinski, Jørn Dietze, Gernot Poschet, Ines Heiland et al.:
    Hypoxia Inducible Factor 1α Inhibits the Expression of Immunosuppressive Tryptophan-2,3-Dioxygenase in Glioblastoma
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  • Mathias Bockwoldt, Ines Heiland, Karsten Fischer :
    The evolution of the plastid phosphate translocator family
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  • Alexander Martin Heberle, Patricia Razquin Navas, Miriam Langelaar-Makkinje, Katharina Kasack, Ahmed Sadik, Erik Faessler et al.:
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  • Sascha Schäuble, Anne-Kristin Stavrum, Mathias Bockwoldt, Pål Puntervoll, Ines Heiland :
    SBMLmod: a Python-based web application and web service for efficient data integration and model simulation
    BMC Bioinformatics 2017 FULLTEKST / ARKIV / DOI
  • Ines Heiland, K Thedieck :
    Nutrigenomics: Toward a cross-disciplinary understanding of nutrient-driven networks in health and disease: What can we learn from the study of cross-talk in complex protein kinase and metabolic networks?
    Aktuelle Ernãhrungsmedizin 2015 DOI
  • Christiane A. Opitz, Ines Heiland :
    Dynamics of NAD-metabolism: everything but constant
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  • Anne-Kristin Stavrum, Ines Heiland, Stefan Schuster, Pål Puntervoll, Mathias Ziegler :
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  • Kathrin Schmeisser, Johannes Mannsfeld, Doreen Kuhlow, Sandra Weimer, Steffen Priebe, Ines Heiland et al.:
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  • Sascha Schäuble, Anne-Kristin Stavrum, Pål Puntervoll, Stefan Schuster, Ines Heiland :
    Effect of substrate competition in kinetic models of metabolic networks
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  • Ines Heiland, Christoph Kaleta :
    Stoffwechselanalyse: Neue Wege im Labyrinth entdecken
    Laborwelt 2012
  • Ines Heiland :
    Kinetic regulation of NAD homeostasis
  • Anze Zupanic, Hans Christopher Bernstein, Ines Heiland :
    Systems biology – Current status and challenges
    Cellular and Molecular Biology 2020 ARKIV / DOI
  • Mathias Bockwoldt, Ines Heiland, Toni Ingolf Gossmann, Thomas Rattei :
    Sequence-Based Analysis of Eukaryotic Protein Evolution
    UiT Norges arktiske universitet 2018
  • Toni Ingolf Gossmann, Arina Afanasyeva, Mathias Bockwoldt, Ines Heiland, Cooney Chris :
    Human intrinsically long disordered protein regions are frequent targets of positive selection
  • Roland Sauter, Ines Heiland :
    Arctic Marine Bioplastics
  • Roland Sauter, Ines Heiland :
    Metabolic Modeling of Marine Biomass Conversion
  • Mathias Bockwoldt, Ines Heiland, Gossmann Toni, Mathias Ziegler :
    Phylogenetic and simulation-based analysis of NAD metabolism
  • Ines Heiland, Mathias Bockwoldt, Pål Puntervoll, Sascha Schäuble, Anne-Kristin Stavrum :
    Tissue specific models of Trp- and NAD-metabolism — insights into metabolic crosstalk.
  • Ines Heiland, Mathias Bockwoldt, Anne-Kristin Stavrum, Pål Puntervoll, Mathias Ziegler :
    Tissue specific models of Tryptohan-metabolism — insights into metabolic crosstalk
  • Mathias Bockwoldt, Ines Heiland :
    Phylogenetic Analysis of NAD biosynthesis and consumption
  • Mathias Bockwoldt, Ines Heiland :
    Use of resampling to improve accuracy of data analysis in time course experiments
  • Mathias Bockwoldt, Ines Heiland :
    Phylogenetic Analysis of NAD biosynthesis and consumption
  • Mathias Bockwoldt, Anne-Kristin Stavrum, Toni I. Gossmann, Mathias Ziegler, Ines Heiland :
    Dynamics of NAD-metabolism - everything but constant
    2015 OMTALE
  • Carolyn Elliss, Thomas Rattei, Ines Heiland :
    50 Years of FEBS´ Education Training Awards
    FEBS News 2015 FULLTEKST
  • Anne-Kristin Stavrum, Ines Heiland, Stefan Schuster, Pål Puntervoll, Mathias Ziegler :
    Predicting pathological metabolic changes using a kinetic model of tryptophan metabolism
  • Ines Heiland, Susanne Brandes, Anne-Kristin Stavrum, Christian Bodenstein, Mathias Ziegler :
    NAD-metabolism and the circadian clock -- Unraveling contradictions
  • Ines Heiland :
    Chemo Informatik: Was hat Tryptophan mit Krebs und Parkinson zu tun?
    Chemie in unserer Zeit 2014 DOI
  • Wencke Walter, Emmanuel Gaquerel, Ian T. Baldwin, Sang-Gyu Kim, Ines Heiland :
    Improving the analysis of high throughput time course data using modelling based approaches
  • Ines Heiland :
    Metabolic modelling: From networks to dynamics and back
  • Ines Heiland, Susanne Brandes, Anne-Kristin Stavrum, Christian Bodenstein, Mathias Ziegler :
    NAD-metabolism and the circadian clock

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    Research interests

    Mathematical simulations are an important tool in physics and engineering, but its application to biology and medicine is still in its infancy. However, as our knowledge of the molecular basis of biological processes is progressing, mathematical modelling is increasingly used to understand the complexity of living organisms.

    We use existing biochemical data to built dynamic models of metabolisms and dynamic molecular processes. The resulting models can be used to understand the basis of diseases and guide the development of drugs. We work in close collaboration with experimental groups, which is advantageous, as model building is always an iterative process of simulation and experimental verification of model hypothesis. It furthermore guides the developement of our models and usually defines the aim of the model.


    Current teaching activities

    BIO-2018 Anvendt molekylærbiologi og bioinformatikk 

    BIO-3027 Scientific Programming with Pyhthon for Life Sciences

    BIO-3010/8011 Modelling in Systems Biology I -Metabolic pathway modelling

    Chair of the board of the National Research School for Bioinformatics, Biostatistics and Systems Biology (NORBIS)

    Past teaching activities:

    2015-2016 Course on basic pedagocical competence  - Teaching portfolio as of 2015




    Sept/2015 - Prof. for molecular biology and  bioinformatics at the Department of arctic and marine biology


    Dec/2012 - Sept/2015 Assoc. Prof. for molceular bioinformatics at the Department of arctic and marine biology

    2008 - 2012
    Postdoctoral researcher and junior group leader at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Department of Bioinformatics
    Project: Modelling and simulation of circadiane rhythms and dynamic metabolic processes

    2005 - 2006
    Postdoctoral reseracher at the FSU Jena Department of General Botany
    Project: Data evaluation of large scale proteome projects of C. reinhardtii

    2004 - 2005
    Postdoctoral researcher at the Ruhr University Bochum Laboratory of Systems Biochemistry
    Project: Characterisation of the Pex3p-Complexes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae



    2003 - 2004 Ruhr Universit Bochum, Laboratory of Systems Biochemistry
    2001 - 2002 Department of Biochemistry, Free University Berlin

    I have done my PhD-thesis in the group of Prof. Ralf Erdmann. The title of my work was: "Investigating peroxisomal membrane biogenesis". I have defended my PhD thesis at the 19th of November in 2004 at the FU Berlin.



    04/2011 - 05/2011 Computational Biology Unit, Uni Reserach, Bergen, Norway

    03/2004 - 04/2004 Biological school of sciences, C. Stirling Group, Manchester University, England

    06/1999 - 07/1999 Department of Organic Chemistry, S. Oscarsons Group, Arhenius Laboratories, Stockholm University, Sweden


    Undergraduate Studies in Biochemistry

    1995 - 1997 Friedrich Schiller University Jena
    1997 - 2000
    Free University Berlin