Jonathan Crossen

Associate Professor

Job description

  • GENI Academic Coordinator

  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Marie Smallface Marule: An Indigenous Internationalist
    University of British Columbia Press 2021
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Another Wave of Anti-Colonialism: The Origins of Indigenous Internationalism
    Canadian Journal of History 2017 DOI
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Safe Haven for an Indigenous Fugitive: Indigenous Internationalism and Illegal Protests
    American Indian Culture and Research Journal 2016 DOI
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Marie Smallface-Marule: Indigenous decolonization, internationalism and education
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Full Circle: Marie Smallface-Marule’s Indigenous Internationalism
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    The Significance of a Definition: Including Africa in Indigenous Internationalism
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Key Document: The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007)
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    Adoption vs Adaption: Indigenous Internationalism and the Discourse of Decolonization
  • Jonathan Crossen :
    The Modern International Indigenous Movement and the Role of the Sámi

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    PhD, History, University of Waterloo (Canada)