Institute of philosophy and first semester studies mathea.s.sagdahl@uit.no +4777644661 Tromsø TEO-H1 1.590

Mathea Slåttholm Sagdahl

Research interests

I have mainly worked on the philosophy of reasons and normativity, in the intersection of normative ethics and metaethics. My main research project has been understanding the relationship between reasons originating in self-interest and reasons originating in moral concern for others. My main views and research can be found in my book Normative Pluralism: Resolving the Conflicts between Moral and Prudential Reasons, forthcoming at Oxford University Press.

I also have a strong interest in other topics, and have also written on the philosophy of emotions and on military conscription. I am currently mostly interested in questions relating to meaning in life and in feminist philosophy and gender theory, and work on several topics within these fields.

Member of research group

TEO-H1 1.590

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