Bilde av Lyngra, Magnus
Bilde av Lyngra, Magnus
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Magnus Lyngra

Head Engineer - DIMI

Job description

Responsible for operational reliabilty of AV rooms:

 Responsibilities and work assignments:


  • Manage PCs in class- and meeting rooms
  • Manage components in AV-rooms (processors, mixers, microphones etc)
  • Info monitors
  • Software for monitoring AV devices


  • Updating firmware/software
  • Keep records of age of devices
  • Organize switching of out-of-date or defective devices
  • Keep programs/configurations of devices up to date
  • Organize periodic tests of rooms
  • Administrate monitoring software


  • Monitor status of devices and inform user support/AV supplier of errors


  • Operation documentation
  • Operation routines
  • Equipment registry and room documentation
  • System documentation and manuals


  • Ensuring rooms meet requirements for privacy and information security