Frederick Alan Leeson

Head enginieer, Chemical Synthesis and Analysis

  • Ulli Rothweiler, Wenche Stensen, Bjørn Olav Brandsdal, Johan Isaksson, Frederick Alan Leeson, Richard Alan Engh et al.:
    Probing the ATP-Binding Pocket of Protein Kinase DYRK1A with Benzothiazole Fragment Molecules
    Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2016 DOI
  • Ulli Rothweiler, Jonas Eriksson, Wenche Stensen, Frederick Alan Leeson, Richard Alan Engh, John Sigurd Svendsen :
    Luciferin and derivatives as a DYRK selective scaffold for the design of protein kinase inhibitors
    European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2015 DOI
  • Frederick Alan Leeson, Torbjörn Lundstedt, Tore Sigvard Lejon :
    Multivariate analysis in reaction mechanism studies
    Journal of Chemometrics 2007

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