Bilde av Fischer, Karsten Bruno
Bilde av Fischer, Karsten Bruno
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Karsten Bruno Fischer


  • Karsten Fischer, Lena Anna-Maria Lachner, Stian Olsen, Maria Mulisch, Kirsten Krause :
    The enigma of interspecific plasmodesmata: insight from parasitic plants
    Frontiers in Plant Science 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Frank Förste, Ioanna Mantouvalou, Birgit Kanngiesser, Hagen Stosnach, Lena Anna-Maria Lachner, Karsten Fischer et al.:
    Selective mineral transport barriers at Cuscuta-host infection sites
    Physiologia Plantarum : An International Journal for Plant Biology 2019 ARKIV / DOI
  • Mathias Bockwoldt, Ines Heiland, Karsten Fischer :
    The evolution of the plastid phosphate translocator family
    Planta 2019 DOI
  • Kirsten Krause, Hanne Risan Johnsen, Anna Pielach, leidulf Lund, Karsten Fischer, Jocelyn KC Rose :
    Identification of tomato introgression lines with enhanced susceptibility or resistance to infection by parasitic giant dodder (Cuscuta reflexa)
    Physiologia Plantarum : An International Journal for Plant Biology 2018 DOI
  • Alexander Vogel, Rainer Schwacke, Alisandra Denton, Björn Usadel, Julien Hollmann, Karsten Fischer et al.:
    Footprints of parasitism in the genome of the parasitic flowering plant Cuscuta campestris
    Nature Communications 2018 ARKIV / DOI
  • Bernd Striberny, Anthony Melton, Rainer Schwacke, Kirsten Krause, Karsten Fischer, Leslie R. Goertzen et al.:
    Cytokinin Response Factor 5 has transcriptional activity governed by its C-terminal domain.
    Plant Signalling & Behavior 2017 DOI
  • Karsten Fischer, Andreas P.M. Weber :
    Sometimes a rocker-switch motion
    Nature Plants 2017 DOI
  • Karsten Fischer :
    The Import and Export Business in Plastids: Transport Processes across the Inner Envelope Membrane
    Plant Physiology 2011 DOI
  • CF Brooks, Hanne Risan Johnsen, GG van Dooren, M Muthalagi, SS Lin, W Bohne et al.:
    The Toxoplasma Apicoplast Phosphate Translocator Links Cytosolic and Apicoplast Metabolism and Is Essential for Parasite Survival
    Cell Host and Microbe 2010 DOI
  • R Schwacke, Karsten Fischer, B Ketelsen, K Krupinska, Kirsten Krause :
    Comparative survey of plastid and mitochondrial targeting properties of transcription factors in Arabidopsis and rice
    Molecular Genetics and Genomics 2007 DOI
  • T Fleige, Karsten Fischer, DJP Ferguson, U Gross, W Bohne :
    Carbohydrate metabolism in the Toxoplasma gondii apicoplast: Localization of three glycolytic isoenzymes, the single pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, and a plastid phosphate translocator
    Eukaryotic Cell 2007 DOI
  • APM Weber, Karsten Fischer :
    Making the connections - The crucial role of metabolite transporters at the interface between chloroplast and cytosol
    FEBS Letters 2007 DOI
  • Karsten Fischer, Andreas P.M. Weber, Hans Henning Kunz :
    The transporters of plastids - new insights into an old field
    Caister Academic Press 2016
  • Andreas P.M. Weber, Karsten Fischer :
    The role of metabolite transporters in integrating chloroplasts with the metabolic network of plant cells
    Springer 2009
  • Kirsten Krause, Grzegorz Konert, Reidar Kaasa, Per Bjørnar Gjerp, Sunniva Katharina Thode, Corine Alexis Faehn et al.:
    Marble-ous Photosynthesis
  • Bernd Ketelsen, Stian Olsen, Karsten Fischer, Kirsten Krause :
    Correlation between 16S/18S rDNA ratio and chloroplast copy numbers in cotyledons of Arabidopsis thaliana: use for assessment of the impact of cytokinin response factor 5 on chloroplast development
    Endocytobiosis and cell research 2012
  • Janina Fuss, Kirsten Krause, Karsten Fischer :
    Plant regulatory networks: RNA binding proteins as mediators of communication between DNA containing compartments by dual targeting
  • Ullrich Herrmann, Rainer Schwacke, Karsten Fischer, Kirsten Krause :
    Crosstalk between nucleus and organelles by dually targeted transcription factors?
  • Bernd Ketelsen, Ullrich Herrmann, Rainer Schwacke, Karsten Fischer, Kirsten Krause :
    Dually targeted transcription factors: New players in the regulation of chloroplast gene expression?

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    Since 2006 Professor for Plant Molecular Biology at the University of Tromsø


    2001-2006 Senior faculty position at the Institute of Botany, University of Cologne, Germany


    2000-2001 Visiting Scientist in the laboratory of Prof. Bohnert at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA


    2000 Habilitation


    1993-2000 Junior faculty position at the Institute of Botany, University of Cologne, Germany


    1988-1992 PhD student in the laboratory of Prof. Flügge at the University of Würzburg, Germany


    1988 Diploma in Biology at the University of Göttingen, Germany


    1981-1987 Biology degree at the University of Göttingen, Germany