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Enhet for administrative tjenester BFE +4777646095 92222416 You can find me here

Karin Lia

HSE adviser: advice on HSE and emergency preparedness, risk assessments, guidance in handling hazardous waste, contact person for the occupational health service, guidance computer eyeglasses

Job description

HSE advice: advice in various matters that are included in the field of HSE (HSE deviations, conflict management, safety representatives and main safety representatives, guidelines and work routines, etc.)

Contingency work: prepare and update the contingency plan for the faculty, leader of the local task force NFH building, secretary for the local contingency group, arrange evacuation exercises and contingency exercises at BFE

Risk assessments: plans and participates in risk assessments at BFE, advises on questions concerning risk assessment (which methods can be used, how to carry out the risk assessment, who participates in risk assessments, etc.), approves risk assessments carried out at BFE

Guidance on hazardous waste management: advisor to BFE on issues related to hazardous waste management

Contact person for the occupational health service

Guidance when purchasing computer glasses