Bilde av Mikkola, Ingvild
Bilde av Mikkola, Ingvild
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Ingvild Mikkola

Professor in Molecular Biology

Job description

Research and teaching.

Research on molecular mechanisms in cancer development.

Lectures in cell biology, biochemistry and embryology for first- and second year students in pharmacy, medicine and odontology. Supervision of master and PhD students.

  • Lisa Zeyen Øyås, Ole Morten Seternes, Ingvild Mikkola :
    Crosstalk between p38 MAPK and GR Signaling
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Anup Shrestha, Henrike Bruckmüller, Hanne Kildalsen, Gurjit Kaur, Matthias Gaestel, Hilde Ljones Wetting et al.:
    Phosphorylation of steroid receptor coactivator-3 (SRC-3) at serine 857 is regulated by the p38 MAPK-MK2 axis and affects NF-κB-mediated transcription
    Scientific Reports 2020 ARKIV / DOI
  • Roth Sarah Andrea, Øyvind Holsbø Hald, Steffen Fuchs, Cecilie Løkke, Ingvild Mikkola, Trond Flægstad et al.:
    MicroRNA-193b-3p represses neuroblastoma cell growth via downregulation of Cyclin D1, MCL-1 and MYCN
    OncoTarget 2018 ARKIV / DOI
  • Seyed Mohammad Lellahi, Ingrid Arctander Rosenlund, Annica Hedberg, Liv Torill Kiær, Ingvild Mikkola, Erik Knutsen et al.:
    The long noncoding RNA NEAT1 and nuclear paraspeckles are up-regulated by the transcription factor HSF1 in the heat shock response
    Journal of Biological Chemistry 2018 ARKIV / DOI
  • Beate Hegge, Eva Sjøttem, Ingvild Mikkola :
    Generation of a PAX6 knockout glioblastoma cell line with changes in cell cycle distribution and sensitivity to oxidative stress
    BMC Cancer 2018 ARKIV / DOI
  • Lars Peter Engeset Austdal, Sigrid Bjørnstad, Gro Haarklou Mathisen, Petra Aden, Ingvild Mikkola, Ragnhild Elisabeth Paulsen et al.:
    Glucocorticoid effects on cerebellar development in a chicken embryo model: exploring changes in PAX6 and Metalloproteinase-9 after exposure to dexamethasone
    Journal of neuroendocrinology 2016 DOI
  • Siri Forsdahl, Yury Kiselev, Rune Hogseth, Janne erikke Mjelle, Ingvild Mikkola :
    Pax6 regulates the expression of Dkk3 in murine and human cell lines, and altered responses to Wnt signaling are shown in Flpln-3T3 cells stably expressing either the Pax6 or the Pax6(5a) Isoform
  • Franz Gruber, Tuija Lundan, Rasmus Goll, Aleksandra Silye, Ingvild Mikkola, Ole Petter Rekvig et al.:
    BCR-ABL isoforms associated with intrinsic or acquired resistance to imatinib: more heterogeneous than just ABL kinase domain point mutations?
    Medical Oncology (MO) 2012 DOI
  • Yury Kiselev, Tonje Engevik Eriksen, Siri Forsdahl, Lan Nguyen, ingvild Mikkola :
    3T3 cell lines stably expressing Pax6 or Pax6(5a)--a new tool used for identification of common and isoform specific target genes
  • Franz Gruber, Thomas Ernst, Yury Kiselev, A Hochhaus, ingvild Mikkola :
    Detection of Drug-Resistant Clones in Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Patients during Dasatinib and Nilotinib Treatment
    Clinical Chemistry 2010 DOI
  • Thomas Ernst, Franz Gruber, Oliver Pelz-Ackermann, J Maier, M Pfirrmann, MC Muller et al.:
    A co-operative evaluation of different methods of detecting BCR-ABL kinase domain mutations in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia on second-line dasatinib or nilotinib therapy after failure of imatinib
    Haematologica 2009 ARKIV / DOI
  • Jack-Ansgar Bruun, Ernst I.s. Thomassen, Kurt Kristiansen, Garth Daryl Tylden, Turid Holm, Ingvild Mikkola et al.:
    The third helix of the homeodomain of paired class homeodomain proteins acts as a recognition helix both for DNA and protein interactions
    Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) 2005 ARKIV
  • Ingvild Mikkola, Barry Heavey, Markus Horcher, Meinrad Busslinger :
    Reversion of B Cell Commitment upon Loss of Pax5 Expression
    Science 2002 DOI
  • Svanhild Nornes, Michael Clarkson, Ingvild Mikkola, Marit Pedersen Delghandi, Anne Bardsley, Juan Pedro Martinez et al.:
    Zebrafish contains two Pax6 genes involved in eye development
    Mechanisms of Development 1998
  • Svanhild Nornes, Ingvild Mikkola, Stefan Krauss, Madjid Delghandi, maria Perander, Terje Johansen :
    Zebrafish Pax9 Encodes Two Proteins with Distinct C-terminal Transactivating Domains of Different Potency Negatively Regulated by Adjacent N-terminal Sequences
    Journal of Biological Chemistry 1996
  • Rachel Macdonald, K. Anukampa Barth, Nigel Holder, Ingvild Mikkola, Stephen W. Wilson :
    Midline signalling is required for Pax gene regulation and patterning of the eyes
    Development 1995
  • R. Macdonald, Q. Xu, A. Barth, Ingvild Mikkola, N. Holder, Anders Fjose et al.:
    Regulatory gene expression boundaries demarcate sites of neuronal differentiation in the embryonic zebrafish forebrain
    Neuron 1994
  • Ingvild Mikkola, Anders Fjose, John Y. Kuwada, Stephen Wilson, Per Henrik Guddal, Stefan Krauss :
    The Paired Domain-Containing Nuclear Factor pax[b] Is Expressed in Specific Commissural lnterneurons in Zebrafish Embryos
    Journal of Neurobiology 1992
  • Yury Kiselev, Andrey Yurjevich Valkov, Lill-Tove Busund, Roy M. Bremnes, Igor Snapkov, Ingvild Mikkola et al.:
    Transcription factor PAX6 is expressed in human soft tissue sarcomas and confers negative impact on patients' survival
  • Franz Gruber, Thomas Ernst, Kimmo Porkka, Richard Alan Engh, ingvild Mikkola, Jacqueline Maier et al.:
    Dynamics of the emergence of dasatinib and nilotinib resistance in imatinib-resistant CML patients
    Leukemia 2012 DOI
  • Franz Gruber, H Hjorth-Hansen, ingvild Mikkola, L Stenke, Terje Johansen :
    A novel Bcr-Abl splice isoform is associated with the L248V mutation in CML patients with acquired resistance to imatinib
    Leukemia 2006
  • ingvild Mikkola :
    The quest for new target genes for the transcription factor Pax6
  • ingvild Mikkola, Rune Hogseth, Terje Johansen :
    Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) as a method for identification of new target genes for Pax6
  • Ingvild Mikkola :
    Regulation of two members of of the Pax family of transcription factors; Involvement of alternative splicing, phosphorylation and protein-protein interactions
    UiT Norges arktiske universitet 1999

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    FAR-1201 (Cellbiology and Biochemistry), emneleder

    MED-2501, Delemne 2.2 (Reproduction, embryology and genetics), lecturer

    ODO-2008, Delemne 2.2 (Reproduction, embryology and genetics), lecturer