Bilde av Tjeldnes, Svein Are
Photo: David Jensen
Bilde av Tjeldnes, Svein Are
Seksjon for organisasjons- og personalutvikling NY +4777645292 You can find me here

Svein Are Tjeldnes

Lean Manager and Design Thinker

Job description

As project manager of UiT's improvement initiative, my role is to plan and coordinate activities throughout the university. A crucial part of the job is to inspire colleagues, leaders and students to see the benefits of applying continuous improvement as an element in everyday-university-life. I am also responsible for our portfolio of lean/improvement-courses.  In my opinion, it is important we raise awareness of  how important the knowledge and experience of our employees is to the change   process

  • Karin Eilertsen, Svein Are Tjeldnes :
    Emphasizing Learning in Improvement Work Through Service Design
  • Svein Are Tjeldnes, Karin Eilertsen, Frank Arnold Lindrupsen :
    Unleash the Lean Mindset: An Immersive Escape Room Workshop
  • Svein Are Tjeldnes, Frank Arnold Lindrupsen :
    Sustainable Improvement Work
  • Svein Are Tjeldnes, Karin Eilertsen :
    Using service design to pave the way for lean
  • Svein Are Tjeldnes, Julia Holte Sempler :
    Core Qualities - Possibilities and pitfalls
  • Stephen Yorkstone, Svein Are Tjeldnes :
    Can you take your facilitation to the next level?
  • Svein Are Tjeldnes, Frank Arnold Lindrupsen :
    UiT's journey into LeanHE
  • Julia Holte Sempler, Svein Are Tjeldnes :
    Sustaining change through the involvement of management
  • Tove Irene Dahl, Svein Are Tjeldnes :
    Vi vil noe, og vi skal noe
    Impuls : Tidsskrift for psykologi 2001

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