Bilde av Tjeldnes, Svein Are
Photo: David Jensen

Svein Are Tjeldnes

Lean Manager and Design Thinker

Job description

As project manager of UiT's improvement initiative, my role is to plan and coordinate activities throughout the university. A crucial part of the job is to inspire colleagues, leaders and students to see the benefits of applying continuous improvement as an element in everyday-university-life. I am also responsible for our portfolio of lean/improvement-courses.  In my opinion, it is important we raise awareness of  how important the knowledge and experience of our employees is to the change   process

  • Karin Eilertsen, Svein Are Tjeldnes :
    Emphasizing Learning in Improvement Work Through Service Design
  • Svein Are Tjeldnes, Karin Eilertsen, Frank Arnold Lindrupsen :
    Unleash the Lean Mindset: An Immersive Escape Room Workshop
  • Svein Are Tjeldnes, Frank Arnold Lindrupsen :
    Sustainable Improvement Work
  • Svein Are Tjeldnes, Karin Eilertsen :
    Using service design to pave the way for lean
  • Svein Are Tjeldnes, Julia Holte Sempler :
    Core Qualities - Possibilities and pitfalls
  • Stephen Yorkstone, Svein Are Tjeldnes :
    Can you take your facilitation to the next level?
  • Svein Are Tjeldnes, Frank Arnold Lindrupsen :
    UiT's journey into LeanHE
  • Julia Holte Sempler, Svein Are Tjeldnes :
    Sustaining change through the involvement of management
  • Tove Irene Dahl, Svein Are Tjeldnes :
    Vi vil noe, og vi skal noe
    Impuls : Tidsskrift for psykologi 2001

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