Sølvi Brendeford Anderssen

  • Sølvi Anderssen, Eva Sjøttem, Gunbjørg Svineng, Terje Johansen :
    Comparative Analyses of LTRs of the ERV-H Family of Primate-Specific Retrovirus-like ELements Isolated from Marmoset, African Green Monkey, and Man
    Virology 1997
  • Eva Sjøttem, Sølvi Anderssen, Terje Johansen :
    The Promoter Activity of Long Terminal Repeats of the HERV-H Family of Human Retrovirus-Like Elements Is Critcally Dependent on Sp1 Family Proteins Interacting with a GC/GT Box Located Immediately 3´ to the TATA Box
    Journal of Virology 1996

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