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Doctoral Research Fellow

Björnsdottir, Sigridur Mjoll

PhD-student linguistics Department of Language and Culture
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Morphology, morphological learning, morphosyntax, acquisition, change

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  • Björnsdottir, Sigridur Mjoll; Westergaard, Marit; Lohndal, Terje. The Effects of Attrition on Grammatical Gender: A View from North American Icelandic. Heritage Language Journal 2020. ISSN 1550-7076.s doi: 10.46538/hlj.17.3.2.

  • Björnsdottir, Sigridur Mjoll; Sigurjónsdóttir, Sigridur. Predicting Gender Assignment in Icelandic: A Longitudinal Corpus Case Study. Boston University Conference on Language Development. Proceedings 2019. ISSN 1080-692X.

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