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Isabel Viola Kreis

  • Martin Jensen Mækelæ, Isabel Kreis, Gerit Pfuhl :
    Teleological reasoning bias is predicted by pupil dynamics: Evidence for the extensive integration account of bias in reasoning
    Psychophysiology 2024 FULLTEKST / ARKIV / DOI
  • Isabel Kreis, Lei Zhang, Matthias Bodo Mittner, Leonard Parks Syla, Claus Lamm, Gerit Pfuhl :
    Aberrant uncertainty processing is linked to psychotic-like experiences, autistic traits, and is reflected in pupil dilation during probabilistic learning
    Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience 28. March 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Isabel Viola Kreis, Lei Zhang, Steffen Moritz, Gerit Pfuhl :
    Spared performance but increased uncertainty in schizophrenia: Evidence from a probabilistic decision-making task
    Schizophrenia Research 14. July 2021 ARKIV / FULLTEKST / DATA / OMTALE / PROSJEKT / DOI
  • Isabel Viola Kreis, Robert Biegler, Håkon Tjelmeland, Matthias Mittner, Solveig Merete Klæbo Reitan, Gerit Pfuhl :
    Overestimation of volatility in schizophrenia and autism? A comparative study using a probabilistic reasoning task
    PLOS ONE 07. January 2021 ARKIV / DOI
  • Nya Mehnwolo Boayue, Gabor Csifcsak, Isabel Viola Kreis, Carole Schmidt, Iselin Caroline Finn, Anna Elfrida Hovde Vollsund et al.:
    The interplay between executive control, behavioral variability and mind wandering: Insights from a high-definition transcranial direct-current stimulation study
    European Journal of Neuroscience 2020 ARKIV / DOI
  • Isabel Viola Kreis, Steffen Moritz, Gerit Pfuhl :
    Objective Versus Subjective Effort in Schizophrenia
    Frontiers in Psychology 2020 FULLTEKST / ARKIV / DOI
  • Wenche Hegelstad, Isabel Viola Kreis, Håkon Tjelmeland, Gerit Pfuhl :
    Psychosis and Psychotic-Like Symptoms Affect Cognitive Abilities but Not Motivation in a Foraging Task
    Frontiers in Psychology 2020 FULLTEKST / ARKIV / DOI
  • Isabel Viola Kreis, Steffen Moritz, Gerit Pfuhl :
    The effects of effort on working memory performance and pupillary responses in schizophrenia
  • Isabel Viola Kreis, Matthias Mittner, Zhang Lei, Gerit Pfuhl :
    Prediction error processing & psychotic-like experiences in healthy individuals
  • Isabel Viola Kreis, Håkon Tjelmeland, Robert Biegler, Luzia Rosa Tröbinger, Gerit Pfuhl :
    Ignorance or awareness of changes measured in a probabilistic inference task
    2017 ARKIV
  • Isabel Viola Kreis, Kristin Sandvik, Håkon Tjelmeland, Robert Biegler, Gerit Pfuhl :
    Probabilistic inference in psychosis and autism
    2017 ARKIV

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    Research interests

    - decision-making under uncertainty

    - metacognition

    - effort investment

    - (working) memory

    - schizophrenia