Larry Ibrahim Mohammed

Job description

PhD Research Fellow in Comparative Indigenous Studies. My project investigates the cumbersome nexus between indigenous peoples' self-determination and various extractive activities on indigenous peoples' territories in Norway and Canada. As a starting point, my project examines the licencing regime of wind energy in Norway and its impact on Sami rights.

  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    Where do we go from here? The Fate of Scientific and Cultural Collaborations for Young People in the Arctic
    The Arctic Institute 2023 FULLTEKST
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    The End of an Era? Norway’s Tuition Fee Policy for Non-EU Nationals
    Over the Cirlce 2023 FULLTEKST
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    Ending witch-hunts in Ghana - Historical lessons for contemporary challenges
    2022 DATA
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    Windfarms in the heart of Indigenous self-determination; lessons from Norway and Canada
    2022 FULLTEKST
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    Tromsø må åpne flere dører for internasjonale talenter
    Nordlys 07. May 2022 FULLTEKST
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed, Hilde Hunnålvatn :
    Internasjonale studenters mentale helse i Tromsø
    Nordnorsk debatt - Nordlys 2022 FULLTEKST
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    Det var ikke jeg som skulle skrive denne kronikken
    Nordlys 02. February 2021 DATA / FULLTEKST
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    Panelist- Indigenous Peoples' Capacity to act for sustainability
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    Coordinator, Arctic Frontiers Young | Project Science for Kids
    20. February 2021 FULLTEKST / PROSJEKT
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    Book Talk, Welp: Climate Change and Arctic Idenitites"
    2021 FULLTEKST
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    "Between Alienation and Belonging in Northern Ghana": the voices of the women in the Gambaga witchcamp
    2020 FULLTEKST
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    Gender Politics in Ghana
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    Retreat without Surrender: Lessons from the Guinea Fowl War of 1994
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    The Journey for Survival Memories from the 'Elderly Women' of the Gambaga Witchcamp in Northern Ghana
  • Larry Ibrahim Mohammed :
    Fighting for peace: Assessing the role of the Government in the Guinea Fowl war of 1992

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    Research interests

    - Renewable Energy, Extractives and Indigenous Peoples

    - Indigenous Internationalism

    - Conflict Resolution Mechanism

    -Gender Politics in Africa

    -Decolonial/ Post-colonial research methodologies

    Member of research group