Bilde av Langdal, Andreas
Bilde av Langdal, Andreas
The Norwegian College of Fishery Science +4777646605 Tromsø NFH A 210

Andreas Langdal

Ph.D. candidate

Job description

My PhD project is linked to the interdisciplinary research project SECURE (Novel Marine Resources for Food Security and Food Safety) where we look at the utilization and potential of low-trophic marine species. The overall goal of the project is to develop knowledge that enables sustainable food security. I look at the connection between new marine raw materials and the environmental footprint in singular production stages and through the value chain, in the production of food and feed. This involves examining the content of important nutrients, contaminants, and estimating the environmental footprint (CO2eq., land-use change, etc.). My results will then be ranked against more traditional marine resources to create a broader understanding of the potential of the species analysed.

  • Andreas Langdal, Karl-Erik Eilertsen, Marian Kjellevold, Eldbjørg Sofie Heimstad, Ida-Johanne Jensen, Edel O. Elvevoll :
    Climate Performance, Environmental Toxins and Nutrient Density of the Underutilized Norwegian Orange-Footed Sea Cucumber (Cucumaria frondosa)
    Foods 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Andreas Langdal :
    Northern Norway on a plate - Sea cucumber
  • Andreas Langdal :
    Forskningen på fremtidens sjømat - Hvilke nye marine råvarer finnes for å sikre fremtidens matsikkerhet og mattrygghet uten å overstege naturens bæreevne?
    2022 OMTALE
  • Andreas Langdal :
    Carbon footprint and food potential of orange-footed sea cucumber (C. frondosa) - The future of seafood
  • Edel O. Elvevoll, Andreas Langdal, Karl-Erik Eilertsen :
    For å mette alle trenger vi mer mat. Mye mer mat.
    FiskeribladetFiskaren 22. November 2022
  • Andreas Langdal :
    Dialogue meeting "What are the elements of the Nordic Kitchen Manifesto we should hold on to, and how do we address the new needs in transition to sustainable and healthy food systems ?"

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    Research interests

    • Environmental and societal sustainability
    • Life cycle assessments
    • Production-, processing-, and transport of seafood, and a content consumer of every kind of food
    • Food quality
    • Nutrient content in food and food products
    • Environmental toxins


    • Laboratory course responsible in BIO-2602 Fish nutrition. 

    Member of research group

    Member of project