Bilde av Karzhou, Andrei
Bilde av Karzhou, Andrei
Department of Computer Science and Computational Engineering

Andrei Karzhou

  • Andrei Karzhou :
    An iterative FEM-scheme for a coupled fluid-solid acoustic problem
    Mathematics in Engineering, Science and Aerospace (MESA) 2024
  • Andrei Karzhou, Irina Pettersson, Larisa Beilina, Klas Pettersson :
    Numerical Validation of Optimization Approach for Solution of Coefficient Inverse Problem in Pseudo-Frequency Domain
    2023 DOI
  • Klas Pettersson, Andrei Karzhou, Irina Pettersson :
    A Feedforward Neural Network for Modeling of Average Pressure Frequency Response
    Acoustics Australia 2022 ARKIV / DOI

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