Bilde av Yousuf, Adeel
Photo: Adeel
Bilde av Yousuf, Adeel
Department of Industrial Engineering Narvik

Adeel Yousuf

PhD Researcher

Job description

  • Experimentation related to ice detection on offshore structures using thermal IR camera
  • Development of an anti/de-icing system and its remote operation strategy

Previous work includes:

  • Experimentation work related to icing wind tunnel for the study of icing on different structures & airfoils
  • Development of Rotating Multi-Cylinder assembly for IceBox project
  • Narvik weather station data analysis
  • Wind farm feasibility study in Norway region for Northern Sea Route (NSR) project

  • Yousuf Adeel, Jia Yi Jin, Pavlo Sokolov, Muhammad Shakeel Virk :
    Study of ice accretion on wind turbine blade profiles using thermal infrared imaging
    Wind Engineering : The International Journal of Wind Power 2020 ARKIV / DOI
  • Yousuf Adeel :
    Ice mitigation system of offshore structures.
  • Yousuf Adeel, Hassan Khawaja, Muhammad Shakeel Virk :
    Conceptual Design of Ice Detection/Mitigation System Based on Infrared Thermography
  • Yousuf Adeel, Babur Zaman Khan, Farhan Hussnain, Muhammad Shakeel Virk, Dag Ravn Pedersen :
    Study of Ice Accretion Using an Open Loop Portable Icing Tunnel
    2021 DATA
  • Yousuf Adeel, Pavlo Sokolov, Muhammad Shakeel Virk :
    Field Monitoring of Atmospheric Icing Events - A Case Study
    International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications 2021

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    Publications outside Cristin

    Yousuf, Adeel, Jia Yi Jin, Pavlo Sokolov, and Muhammad S Virk. “Study of Ice Accretion on Wind Turbine Blade Profiles Using Thermal Infrared Imaging.” Wind Engineering, (July 2020) Read here!