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Gabrielle Grenier

PhD candidate

  • Gabrielle Grenier, Aslak Smalås, Runar Kjær, Rune Knudsen:
    Environmentally modulated repeat evolution of polymorphic Arctic charr life history traits
    Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2021 External link
  • Gabrielle Grenier, Ross Tallman:
    Lifelong divergence of growth patterns in Arctic charr life history strategies: implications for sustainable fisheries in a changing climate
    Arctic Science 2021 External link
  • Alexander Christopher West, David Hazlerigg, Gabrielle Grenier:
    Calendar Timing in Teleost Fish
    Springer Nature 2021 External link
  • Lauren Wiens, Gabrielle Grenier:
    Proceedings of the regional peer review on the Estimated abundance and sustainable harvest levels for the Jayko and Halokvik (30 Mile) rivers in the Cambridge Bay commercial fishery, 2010-2015
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    Research interests

    I am interested in understanding how organisms interact with their environment and how this leads to evolution and speciation. I use life history traits (growth, maturation, habitat use...) of Arctic charr in the Arctic and subArctic environments as a model. My current work aims at comparing multiple polymorphic Arctic charr populations to see if there is evidence of parallel evolution among populations. The goal is to combine broader traditional ecological approaches along with finer molecular techniques.


    BIO 3521-Seminar in Freshwater Ecology, course leader 2021-2022

    BIO 2017-Økologi, lectures and seminars in life history and competition

    Member of research group