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Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education Tromsø

Michael Eugene Alvarez

  • Michael Alvarez :
    The Struggle between Liberalism and Social Democracy
    Routledge 2016
  • Michael Alvarez, Leiv Marsteintredet :
    Presidential and Democratic Breakdowns in Latin America: Similar Causes, Different Outcomes
    Palgrave Macmillan 2010
  • Håvard Mokleiv Nygård, Michael Alvarez, Petter Kristiansen Arnesen :
    Hit ‘em Where It Hurts: Measuring and Testing the Impact of Economic Nonviolent Strategies on Democratization
    Universitetet i Bergen 2019
  • Hilmar Langhelle Mjelde, Michael Alvarez, Gunnar Grendstad :
    Historien er ikke irrelevant
    Bergens Tidende 29. January 2012
  • Hilmar Langhelle Mjelde, Michael Alvarez, Gunnar Grendstad :
    Bergens Tidende 03. February 2012
  • Frode Andreas Løvlie, Michael Alvarez :
    From Maximalist Absolutism towards Pragmatic Opportunism - Explaining Hamas' Electoral Participation
    Universitetet i Bergen 2008
  • Åshild Falch, Michael Alvarez :
    Durable peace following civil war: Testing the importance of security: Guarantees and institutional settlement arrangements
    Universitetet i Oslo 2006
  • Bjørnar Hjulstad, Michael Alvarez :
    Politisering av FNs humanitære aktører i komplekse politiske kriser
    Universitetet i Oslo 2005
  • Kjersti Koffeld, Michael Alvarez :
    Governance and HIV/AIDS in South Africa and Uganda
    Universitetet i Oslo 2005
  • Vegard Ørstad, Michael Alvarez :
    The state and economic development: understanding neoliberalism versus interventionist approaches
    Universitetet i Oslo 2005
  • Ingrid Røynstrand Birkelund, Michael Alvarez :
    Institutionalizing opposition in Neo-patrimonial Regimes: Renamo in Mozambique
    Universitetet i Oslo 2005
  • Geir Teigland, Michael Alvarez :
    Motives in Development Policy, whose are they really? A study of the administration`s role in Norwegian development policy
    Universitetet i Oslo 2005
  • Anette Enes, Michael Alvarez :
    Defining, measuring and explaining political regimes: Central America 1950-2000
    Universitetet i Oslo 2005
  • Lars Tore Rydland, Michael Alvarez :
    Explaining the Failure of the Algerian Transition, 1994-1995: A Rational Choice Approach
    Universitetet i Oslo 2005
  • Synne Børstad, Michael Alvarez :
    Desarollo con Equidad. Pro-Poor Policies during the Aylwin Government 1990-1994
    Universitetet i Oslo 2004

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