Bilde av Amargant Arumí, Martí
Bilde av Amargant Arumí, Martí
Department of Arctic and Marine Biology +4777623293 Tromsø NFH B-266

Martí Amargant Arumí

  • Christine Gawinski, Anette Wold, Janne Søreide, Haakon Hop, Martí Amargant Arumí, Slawomir Kwasniewski et al.:
    Impacts of high-ice versus low-ice concentrations on the mesozooplankton community in the northern Barents Sea
  • Martí Amargant Arumí, Yasemin Bodur :
    Lost and (not always) found:The ups and downs of sediment trap deployments. (
    2021 DATA

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