Bilde av Sulaiman, Muhammad
Bilde av Sulaiman, Muhammad
Department of Computer Science +4777645700 Tromsø REALF A 146

Muhammad Sulaiman

PhD fellow

  • Muhammad Sulaiman, Anne Håkansson, Randi Karlsen :
    Fit-Twin: A Digital Twin of a User with Wearables and Context as Input for Health Promotion
    Biostec 2023 DOI
  • Muhammad Sulaiman, Anne Håkansson, Randi Karlsen :
    A Framework for AI-enabled Proactive mHealth with Automated Decision-making for a User’s Context
    Biostec 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Muhammad Sulaiman, Randi Karlsen, Anne Håkansson :
    AI-Enabled Proactive mHealth: A Review. ICT for Health, Accessibility and Wellbeing. IHAW 2021. Communications in Computer and Information Science
    Springer 2021
  • Muhammad Sulaiman, Anne Håkansson, Randi Karlsen :
    AI-enabled proactive mHealth with automated decision-making

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    Research interests

    Artificial Intelligence

    Distributed ledger technlogies (DLTs)---Blockchains


    Digital Health

    Automated decision-making

    Proactive health

    Health informatics

    Health interventions

    Wearable technlogy

    REALF A 146

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