Bilde av Acheampong, Sonia Delali
Bilde av Acheampong, Sonia Delali
Department of Child Welfare and Social Work +4777645733 You can find me here

Sonia Delali Acheampong

Job description

Research fellow in social work

PhD project: Use of individual plans in NAV


  • Sonia Delali Acheampong :
    Unattainable objectives? Use of individual plans for welfare service coordination.
  • Sonia Delali Tekpor :
    They call me a 'bad girl' – Experiences of young mothers in urban Ghana
  • Sonia Delali Tekpor :
    Music, youth and post-election peace initiatives. A study of the Musicians Union of Ghana
    UiT Norges arktiske universitet 2016

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    Research interests

    Use of individual plans in NAV

    Exercise of discretion by frontline workers, participation of children, inclusion of children, youth experiences, upbringing of children, parenting styles.


    BVE-1041 Practice 2 - The learning of measures and change as part of social work (Supervisor)

    SSO-1332 Case work, procedures and judgements in social work & BVE-1332 Case work in child protection services (Ethics in diversities)