Marita Pérez Syltern

PhD student

Job description

Ph.D. student associated with Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry Research Group.

I am curious to know how the metabolome between antimicrobial resistant and sensitive bacteria differs.

My interests include cultivation of bacteria, chromatography, and mass spectrometry.

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    Research interests


    Marita P. Syltern is a member of the Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry Research Group at the Department of Pharmacy at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway. She is a PhD student investigating differences in the metabolomic profile of resistant and sensitive E. coli strains through non-targeted LC-MS approach.



    1)      Cultivation of microorganisms

    2)      Acquired antimicrobial resistance mechanisms

    3)      Method development for LC-MS

    4)      Non-targeted and targeted metabolomics

    5)      Multi-omics approaches and data interpretation



    Bachelor level:
    Far-1302  Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry
    Far-2301 Medicinal chemistry and natural products chemistry
    Far-2302 Pharmaceutical Analysis

    Master level:
    Far-3311 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
    Far-3312 Advanced Practical Analytical Chemistry - Lab course