Bilde av Gullsvåg, Malin
Bilde av Gullsvåg, Malin
Behavioral Neuroscience, Aging and Dementia +4777645989 You can find me here

Malin Gullsvåg

PhD candidate

Job description

PhD candidate in the research group "Behavioral neuroscience, aging, and dementia"

  • Malin Gullsvåg, Claudia Rodríguez-Aranda :
    Effects of verbal tasks with varying difficulty on real-time respiratory airflow during speech generation in healthy young adults
    Frontiers in Psychology 2023 FULLTEKST / ARKIV / DOI
  • Malin Gullsvåg, Claudia Rodríguez-Aranda :
    Real-time assessment of respiratory parameters during speech production in verbal tasks with varying degree of cognitive load

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