Bilde av van Ligtenberg, Lennart Maximilian
Bilde av van Ligtenberg, Lennart Maximilian
Department of Medical Biology +4748605010

Lennart Maximilian van Ligtenberg

PhD Candidate

Job description

PhD candidate at the Immunology Research Group. Here i work on fetal neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia, intracranial hemorrhage and oral tolerance as main research topics.

My teaching duties encompass laboratory courses, lectures, seminars, cases and supervision in courses like: MBI-2004, TPL-1010, SYD/SYP-1110, ERN-2009 & bachelor or master thesis subjects.

Office is at UNN tromsø, A1.802 (please send a mail or call me to get access)

  • Kjersti Sellæg, Susannah Beatrice von Hofsten, Anne Kristin McLaren Berge, Lennart Maximilian van Ligtenberg, Marcus Moe Mauseth, Athanasios Kournoutis et al.:
    Autofagi: cellenes spareblussmodus

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    Research interests

    In my research focus mainly on the fetal neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (FNAIT), the blood brain barrier, intracranial hamorhage (ICH) associated to FNAIT and immunological mechanisms related to allo- and platelet immunity.

    My goals within this research and my PhD are to find the immunologcal mechanisms behind FNAIT and how FNAIT in some cases can cause ICH in fetusses and neonates. The models i am using for this reseach are build on simulating the blood brain barrier and (neo)angiogenesis. These topics therefor also play a significant role in my research. Lastly, i have a research intrest in oral tolerance as a potential profylactic treatment for FNAIT.


    My teaching duties encompass laboratory courses, lectures, seminars and cases in courses like: MBI-2004, TPL-1010, SYD/SYP-1110 & ERN-2009. 

    I have also supervised on a bachelor thesis within biomedicine and am currently supervising a master student in biomedicine.

    As a teacher, my focus lies on creating teaching environments where student feel they can be active and participate, as well as fostering the teaching and study expectations between students and teacher to try and increase the effectiveness of my teaching.

    Member of research group