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Department of Clinical Dentistry

Jeanett Steinnes

  • Sigurd Hadler-Olsen, Jeanett Steinnes, Hege Nermo, Anders Sjögren, Elin Synnøve Hadler-Olsen :
    Pain, discomfort, and functional impairment after extraction of primary teeth in children with palatally displaced canines–a randomized control trial comparing extraction of the primary canine versus extraction of the primary canine and the primary first molar
    Acta Odontologica Scandinavica 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Sigurd Hadler-Olsen, Anders Sjögren, Jeanett Steinnes, Mari Dubland, Napat Limchaichana Bolstad, Pertti Pirttiniemi et al.:
    Double vs single primary tooth extraction in interceptive treatment of palatally displaced canines: A randomized controlled trial
    Angle orthodontist 2020 ARKIV / DOI

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