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Marc Weitz

Doctoral Research Fellow

Research interests

Marc is interested in the mathematical and algorithmic underpinnings of human behaviour and the interaction of humans with their environment. In his PhD, Marc is working on modelling the relationship between physical activity and health in humans. Prior to that he studied Cognitive Science at the university of Tübingen focusing on different aspects of human information processing. His interests span from language processing over neuronal information processing and mutlimodal integration to statistical modelling and machine learning.

His main interest is applying mathematical and algorithmic techniques to the human sciences.

Marc is a big fan of open source and open science and contributed to several projects.

Member of research group


Marc Weitz is a doctoral research fellow in Computer Science at the arctic university of Norway in Tromsø (UiT). Prior to that he studied Cognitive Science at the university of Tübingen graduating in 2020 as a Master of Science (M.Sc.) with distinction. During his studies he worked part-time as a teaching asstistant of several undergraduate Computer Science and Cognitive Science courses and as a scientific software developer at the chair of Quantitative Linguistics headed by Prof. Harald Baayen where he developed the python package pyndl.


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