Anne Kristin McLaren Berge

PhD student

Job description

PhD student in tumor biology research group with connection to the autophagy research group. 

  • Juncal Garcia Garcia, Anne Kristin McLaren Berge, Katrine Stange Overå, Kenneth Bowitz Larsen, Zambarlal Babanrao Bhujabal, Andreas Brech et al.:
    TRIM27 is an autophagy substrate facilitating mitochondria clustering and mitophagy via phosphorylated TBK1
    The FEBS Journal 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Anne Kristin McLaren Berge, Juncal Garcia Garcia, Eva Sjøttem, Hallvard Lauritz Olsvik :
    The ubiquitin E3 ligase TRIM27 emerges as a new player in mitophagy
    Autophagy Reports 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Kjersti Sellæg, Susannah Beatrice von Hofsten, Anne Kristin McLaren Berge, Lennart Maximilian van Ligtenberg, Marcus Moe Mauseth, Athanasios Kournoutis et al.:
    Autofagi: cellenes spareblussmodus
  • Anne Kristin Mclaren Berge, Kjersti Sellæg, Stine Figenschau, Saikat Das Sajib, Hallvard Lauritz Olsvik, Maria Perander et al.:
    TRIM32 in Head and Neck Cancer
  • Anne McLaren Berge :
    Avfallshåndtering: fra store byer til små celler
    UiT Forskerhjørnet 2022
  • Anne Kristin McLaren Berge :
    Hvordan kan kreftcellene gjøres sårbare? 2022

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    Research interests

    I am working on a project that is focused on TRIM proteins in relation to autophagy and cancer. Autophagy is the renovation system of the cell and is essential for keeping our cells healthy. In cancer, autophagy is a double-edged sword as it can either prevent or promote the disease. Several TRIM proteins are already known to be involved in autophagy, but it remains to fully understand the participation of these proteins in the cells renovation system. Through bioinformatical methods in combination with wet-lab experiments, our goal is to know more about how TRIM proteins might be involved in cancer, either through autophagy or through a non-autophagic pathway.


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    August.2015-June.2018: UiO-Bachelor in molecular biology

    August.2018-June.2020: UiO-Master in science

    January.2021-April.2021: Corona test station in Bærum 

    April.2021-DD : UiT PhD Student Autophagy research group/Tumor biology research group