Bilde av Sagaria, Shemin
Bilde av Sagaria, Shemin
Department of Physics and Technology Tromsø

Sagaria, Shemin

PhD Student / Renewable energy

Job description

The increasing number of electric vehicles(EV) presents an ideal opportunity to improve grid stability. EV helps reduce the use of fossil fuels for commuting purposes. Bi-directional chargers connect EVs to the grid to present a virtual energy storage system through the vehicle to grid (V2G) technology. The frequency and voltage fluctuations in the grid due to sudden changes in electricity requirement can be satisfied from the energy stored in EV within microseconds. My research studies the strengths and limitations of EV and V2G to improve grid stability. A simulation model is developed in Simulink software. Renewable sources such as Wind, PV and hydro powerplants, and EV and pumped hydro systems were considered for energy storage in the model. The main focus area of the research will be

  • How grid stability varies with un-controlled EV charging?
  • Is V2G a viable energy storage option?
  • Through V2G, is it possible to solve grid issues due to peak loads?

  • Shemin Sagaria, Gonçalo Duarte, Diana Neves, Patricia Baptista :
    Photovoltaic integrated electric vehicles: Assessment of synergies between solar energy, vehicle types and usage patterns
    Journal of Cleaner Production 2022 DOI

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    Publications outside Cristin

    Google Scholar:

    Ultra-high temperature storage system and other thermal storage systems: A review
    Conference: Environmental protection and Energy Conference VI, page 81

    Biomass gasification Technologies – A review
    Conference: Environmental protection and Energy Conference VI, page 323

    Research interests

    - Sustainable energy sources
    - Renewable energy sources
    - Vehicle to grid technology
    - Renewable energy storage technology


    • ELE 3601 - Renewable Energy: Generation and Conversion
    • FYS 2017 - Sustainable Energy

    Member of research group



    M.Sc in Clean fossil and alternative fuel energy (CFAFE) - EIT InnoEnergy dual degree program

    02/2019 - 07/2020: MSc in Energy Engineering and Management | Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal   

                                        Courses: Renewable energy sources (wind, PV, Marine current and Geothermal), Hydrogen 
                                                       Technology, Energy storage systems, Decision support model.

    02/2018 - 01/2019: MSc in Power Engineering | Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland                   

                                        Courses: Alternative fuels, clean combustion Technologies, Energy Management.              

    08/2012 - 06/2016: Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering | Noorul Islam University, Tamilnadu, India        



    Mother Tongue: Malayalam

    Other languages: English (C1), Tamil (B2), Hindi (B1), German (A1), Norwegian (A1)  


    Modelling and simulation: MATLAB, Simulink, PVsyst, Ebsilon, ANSYS, Bentley Hammer, AutoCAD and Solidworks

    Optimisation: Python (numerical modelling), MATLAB (Fmincon and genetic algorithm) and MS Excel

    Data Analysis: Python (Numpy and Pandas library), MS Excel

    Programming languages: C, C++, MATLAB, Python

    Project Management : PRINCE 2 management techniques, 5-F techniques, time management (PERT technique, Gantt chart), communication, data visualization and presentation skills.

    Decision support modeling: Precision tree software (Decision tree, Influence diagram and utility diagram), Monto Carlo Simulation, MACBETH software.

    Other skills : MS Office


     Hiking, Boulder Climbing, Social meetings Photography, Playing the piano, Solving rubrics cube and puzzles.