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Jhatial, Ashfaque Ahmed

Job description

Mr. Ashfaque Ahmed Jhatial obtained his master’s degree in civil engineering from Universiti Tun Hussein
Onn Malaysia, Malaysia, and bachelor’s degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Civil Engineering and
Structural Engineering, respectively from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro,
Pakistan. Ashfaque started his PhD degree on1st of July 2021 at the Department of Building, Energy and Material Technology, The Arctic University of Norway. His doctoral thesis title is "Mechanical and Environmental Evaluation of Recycling Concrete Waste to produce Low-Carbon Concrete".

  • Tatiana Drozdyuk, Maria Frolova, Arkady Ayzenshtadt, Rajnish K Calay, Ashfaque Ahmed Jhatial :
    Preliminary Study on the Mechanical Activation and High‐Temperature Treatment of Saponite‐Containing Tailings Generated during Kimberlite Ore Dressing
    Applied Sciences 2022 DOI

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    Research interests

    Lightweight Concrete

    Implementation of Recycled Materials in Concrete Technology

    Supplementary Cementitious Materials

    Innovative Materials

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