Bilde av Gosset, Nicolas Alex Laurent
Bilde av Gosset, Nicolas Alex Laurent
Department of Arctic and Marine Biology +4777646670 Here you can find me

Nicolas Alex Laurent Gosset

PhD Candidate

Job description

Four-year PhD position focusing on zooplankton patchiness observation in the Norwegian Sea and questions about spatial and temporal variability of zooplankton.

PhD title: "Large-scale zooplankton patchiness in relation to physical processes - eddies and frontal systems - with a special focus on Calanus sp. and Euphausiids in the northern Norwegian Sea". 

Supervisor: Dr. Sünnje Linnéa BASEDOW (UiT), Dr. David Mc KEE (University of Strathclyde)

Co-supervisor: Boris ESPINASSE (UiT)

Research interests

My research interests are focusing on zooplankton ecology, physiology, taxonomy, and zooplanktonic biogeography (spatial and temporal distributions) in terms of polar regions as well as the main questions to global climatic issues that take place in the oceans.


BIO-1104 Zoology

BIO-2010 Marine Ecology


Member of research group