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Department of Physics and Technology Tromsø

Yu, Shujian

Associate Professor / Machine Learning

  • Wanqi Zhou, Shujian Yu, Badong Chen :
    Causality detection with matrix-based transfer entropy
    Information Sciences 2022 DOI
  • Shujian Yu, Francesco Alesiani, Wenzhe Yin, Robert Jenssen, Jose C. Principe :
    Principle of Relevant Information for Graph Sparsification
    Proceedings of Machine Learning Research (PMLR) 2022
  • Francesco Alesiani, Shujian Yu, Xi Yu :
    Gated information bottleneck for generalization in sequential environments
    Knowledge and Information Systems 2022 DOI
  • Daniel Johansen Trosten, Kristoffer Wickstrøm, Shujian Yu, Sigurd Eivindson Løkse, Robert Jenssen, Michael Kampffmeyer :
    Deep Clustering with the Cauchy-Schwarz Divergence

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