Bilde av Faehn, Corine Alexis
Bilde av Faehn, Corine Alexis
Department of Arctic and Marine Biology +4777646528

Corine Alexis Faehn

PhD candidate

  • Thomas Georges A Bawin, Alena Didriksen, Corine Alexis Faehn, Stian Olsen, Iben Sørensen, Jocelyn KC Rose et al.:
    Cuscuta campestris fine-tunes gene expression during haustoriogenesis as an adaptation to different hosts
    Plant Physiology 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Corine Alexis Faehn, Michael Reichelt, Axel Mithöfer, Timo Hytönen, Jørgen Alexander Barosen Mølmann, Laura Elina Jaakola :
    Acclimation of circadian rhythms in woodland strawberries (Fragaria vesca L.) to Arctic and mid-latitude photoperiods
    BMC Plant Biology 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Axel Mithöfer, Michael Riemann, Corine Alexis Faehn, Anna Mrazova, Laura Jaakola :
    Plant defense under Arctic light conditions: Can plants withstand invading pests?
    Frontiers in Plant Science 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Thomas Georges A Bawin, Grzegorz Konert, Corine Alexis Faehn, Markku Juhani Keinänen, Kirsten Krause, Inger Martinussen et al.:
    Capacity development for phenotyping Arctic plant biomass
  • Kirsten Krause, Grzegorz Konert, Reidar Kaasa, Per Bjørnar Gjerp, Sunniva Katharina Thode, Corine Alexis Faehn et al.:
    Marble-ous Photosynthesis
  • Corine Alexis Faehn, Andrew Galloway, Kirsten Krause :
    Plant slime: How plants use sticky sugars
    Frontiers for Young Minds 2023 DOI

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    Bio-3018: Environmental Molecular Genetics (lab assistant)

    Bio-3118: Microscopical Imaging (lab assistant)

    Bio-2009: Green Biotechnology and bioenergy (lab assistant)

    Member of research group