Bilde av Oyem, John
Bilde av Oyem, John
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John Oyem

Job description

Job description

John is a doctoral researcher in the In the Snoeren & Heijkoop Neuroscience Laboratory. He studies the neurobiology of sexual motivation and behavior and the risk of excessive junk food consumption on the brain reward system.

  • John Chukwuma Oyem, Roy Heijkoop, Eelke Mirthe Simone Snoeren :
    Temporal copulatory patterns of female sexual behavior
  • John Oyem, Roy Heijkoop, Eelke Snoeren :
    The role of the lateral habenula in male rat sexual behaviour

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    Research interests

    The neural orchestration of motivated behaviors using sexual behavior and feeding behavior in Wistar rats as a model to unravel the complexity of reward and motivation. Currently studying the microstructural organization of temporal copulatory patterns and sexual motivation in Wistar rats.

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