Bilde av Bogoyavlenskaya, Alexandra
Bilde av Bogoyavlenskaya, Alexandra
Department of Language and Culture +4777648380 Tromsø SVHUM A 2008

Alexandra Bogoyavlenskaya

Research Assistant

Job description

Research Assistant at AcqVA Aurora Center and MuMin project

  • Yulia Rodina, Alexandra Bogoyavlenskaya, Natalia Mitrofanova, Marit Kristine Richardsen Westergaard :
    Russian heritage language development in narrative contexts: Evidence from pre-and primary-school children in Norway, Germany, and the UK
    Frontiers in Psychology 2023

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    MA in Fundamental and Applied Linguistics, HSE University 2021 (Moscow, Russia)

    MA Student at English Acquisition and Multilingualism, UiT

    Member of research group

    SVHUM A 2008

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