Bilde av Wickson, Fern
Bilde av Wickson, Fern
The Norwegian College of Fishery Science +4777646570 You can find me here

Fern Wickson

Professor of Ocean Leadership

Job description

I am a cross-disciplinary scholar, facilitator and knowledge broker whose work focuses on human-nature relations and the interactions between science, ethics and politics in environmental decision-making.

I am truly awed by the spectacular array of biological and cultural diversity on this precious planet and have dedicated myself to finding ways to care for our collective co-arising in ways that allow all lifeforms to flourish. I adamantly believe that sustainability and resilience require weaving the threads of disciplinary and experiential knowledges together as we work to craft caring ways to be in partnership with the world.

I have a background in ecology and political science, with a BA/BSc from the Australian National University, an Honours degree in Environmental Politics from the University of Tasmania, and a PhD on Environmental Governance awarded by both the natural and social science faculties at the University of Wollongong.

I have worked as an environmental activist, an academic researcher, and an intergovernmental advisor. I have campaigned against the logging of old growth forests, sought solutions for nature-friendly food systems, researched responsible regulation of bio- and nano-technologies, and provided advice on how many whales and seals may be sustainably harvested.  

Currently, I am coordinating the development of a new experience-based Masters program in Ocean Leadership at UiT the Artic University of Norway. I am also a Coordinating Lead Author for the IPBES Transformative Change Assessment, a member of the Norwegian public committee on genetic technologies (NoU Utvalget Genteknologi), faculty member for Homeward Bound (a global leadership initiative for women in STEMM), and owner/operator of The Peaceful Wild studio for yoga and meditation.

More details on my research, publications, lectures, national and international committee work, and CV can be found on my website

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    Verdens minste problem
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    Introduction: Science and Society
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