Bilde av Soares Valente, Susana Isabel
Bilde av Soares Valente, Susana Isabel
Behavioral and Translational Neuroscience

Susana Isabel Soares Valente

Postdocoral fellow

Job description

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Behavioral and Translational Neuroscience group. My project focuses on the study of the neurodevelopmental effects on the offspring caused by the use of antidepressants during pregnancy. The potential long-term consequences are investigated in a social context, in which the response to life events can be determined. As a closer approach to a real-life environment, we use a seminatural environment that allows our model animal, rat, to live in groups and freely interact with their conspecifics, expressing their full repertoire of behaviors.

You can find me: TEO-H5 5.661

Publications outside Cristin

Valente, S., Marques, T. & Lima, S.Q. (2021). No evidence of prolactin's involvement in the post-ejaculatory refractory period. Commun Biol 4, 10.

S.S. Valente, R.M. Pereira, M.C. Baptista, C.C. Marques, M.I. Vasques, M.V.C. Silva Pereira, A.E.M. Horta, J.P. Barbas. (2010). In vitro and in vivo fertility of ram semen cryopreserved in different extenders. Anim Reprod Sci. 117(1-2):74-7.