Bilde av Ose, Tommy
Bilde av Ose, Tommy
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Tommy Ose

Lecturer in Anthropology

Job description

Lecturer in Anthropology, bachelor and master level.

  • Tommy Ose, Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Britt Kramvig :
    “Exercises in Excess - Food Waste and the value of food in the affluent North. A perspective on value chains and their disruption.”
    7Letras 2018
  • Anniken Førde, Tommy Ose :
    Petroleum, forsking og etikk
    Nordlys 08. December 2014
  • Gun Roos, Unni Kjærnes, Tommy Ose :
    Warning labels on food from the point of view of consumers
    2010 FULLTEKST

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    Research interests

    Economic and Environmental Anthropology, Northern Societies.

    Key research interests: Food and resource management, social/nature relationships and practices. Formal/Informal economies, commodification, value, ownership.

    Art as critical, creative modules in research and dissemination.

    Member of research group