Mahdis Jafari

Stipendiat (Ph.D. candidate)

Job description

Mahdis Jafari is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health Sciences. She is a member of the Child Development (Barns utvikling) group. Her current research aims to investigate the role of ostensive signals in communication and its developmental trajectory. She employs eye-tracking and pupillometry methods to observe infants' responses to uncover the early cognitive mechanisms of social interaction. 

Previously, she has worked on language processing in bi/multilingual adults using EEG/ERP, eye-tracking and, self-paced reading techniques. She specifically focused on individual differences (executive function) in second language processing. 

Research interests

- Bi/multilingual language processing

- Individual differences (executive functions) in language processing

- Pragmatics in preverbal children (infants)

- Communication

- Cognition

- EEG/ERP, Eye-tracking, Self-paced Reading, Pupillometry


Member of research group