Bilde av Paynter, Vanessa Molin
Bilde av Paynter, Vanessa Molin
The Arctic University Museum of Norway Tromsø

Paynter, Vanessa Molin

PhD Candidate

Job description

As a PhD student in Dr. Fromm´s Lab, I intend to work on ancient and historic samples to identify miRNAs that could tell help us solve some of the puzzles pertaining to evolution and extinction.

  • Andreas Altenburger, Sanne Bergman, Joel Vikberg Wernström, Vanessa Molin Paynter, Melissa Michelle Brandner :
    Pop up forskningsstasjon: "Undervannsdroner og liv i fjæra"
    Forskningsdagene, 2022 2022

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    Research interests

     Paleotranscriptomics, Ancient DNA, Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Forensic Science

    Member of project