Bilde av Petit, Guillaume
Bilde av Petit, Guillaume
The Norwegian College of Fishery Science

Guillaume Petit


Job description

Proteins, the molecular machines of the cell! How they work, who they work with and what they look like; this is what I am interested in. To answer these questions I am using a wide array of molecular biology techniques. Here at MarBio, my work revolves around protein kinases which are involved in the regulation of multiple signalling pathways in the cell. Mutations or deregulation of specific kinases can result in cancer and other disorders, hence the importance to study them and find ways to slow them down when they are spiralling out of control.

  • Guillaume Axel Petit :
    Adjusting the Fitting of Fluorescence-Based Dose-Response Kinase Inhibition Assay to Account for Fluorescent Inhibitors
    Assay and drug development technologies 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Sara Ullsten-Wahlund, Guillaume Petit, Johan Mattias Isaksson, Ida Kristine Østnes Hansen, Yannik Karl Heinz Schneider, Marte Jenssen et al.:
    Identification of New Purpuroine Analogues from the Arctic Echinodermata Pteraster militaris That Inhibit FLT3-ITD+ AML Cell Lines
    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2022 ARKIV / DOI
  • Guillaume Petit, Kine Østnes Hansen :
    A fragment to bind them all
  • Guillaume Petit, Kine Østnes Hansen, Jeanette Hammer Andersen, Espen Holst Hansen, Annette Bayer, Bengt Erik Haug et al.:
    A fragment to bind them all: Characterising phorbazole fragments as pan-kinase inhibitor

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