Bilde av Buckchash, Himanshu
Bilde av Buckchash, Himanshu
Department of Computer Science +4746381861

Himanshu Buckchash

Postdoctoral research fellow

Job description

I work on the Organ Vision project.
The objective of the Organ Vision is to develop a technology that could automate the process of identifying patterns/markers in healthy and non-healthy humans at the cell and tissue level using microscopic data. For this, the project is collaborating on three agendas simultaneously as follows:
The optics team is working on the development of ultrafast microscopes to capture spatiotemporal data at very high speeds.
The biology team is working on developing engineered heart tissues that can be used to make observations for both healthy and diseased conditions.
The automation team is working on the development of artificial intelligence algorithms that can analyze spatiotemporal microscopy data to discover unique patterns and then use them to learn about healthy and diseased physiological conditions.
I am working as a postdoctoral researcher to accomplish the third target. I am working on developing self supervised models which could identify different morphological structures and the interactions between them over a period of time. The assumption is that we don't have any labeled data.

  • Momojit Biswas, Himanshu Buckchash, Dilip Kumar Prasad :
    pNNCLR: Stochastic Pseudo Neighborhoods for Contrastive Learning based Unsupervised Representation Learning Problems 2023 DOI
  • Ayush Singh, Yash Bhambhu, Himanshu Buckchash, Deepak Gupta, Dilip Kumar Prasad :
    Latent Graph Attention for Enhanced Spatial Context 2023 DOI

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